torsdag den 9. januar 2014

In the Fifties ...

I turned fifty on the 26 November last year, so now I'm officially OLD! Sigh! So I threw a real fifties party, since I am so in love with the style of the fifties.

I decorated the table in an autumn theme:
The apple decorations were super easy to make using an apple core cutter and looked really nice on the table.

This is how the places looked like, I had made singles as table cards:

We got "air drinks", which was a popular drink in the fifties in Denmark, as welcome cocktails:

But how did we look? Here is the gangster boss and his doll, aka DH and I:
I bought the dress in Germany for about 25 dollars last summer. The cape and my clear lucite shoes are from the fifties.

Buddy Holly was also invited, in the shape of son:

My beautiful sister and her husband:
She had bought a new dress and had her hair done by a pro, so she had really completed her look.

My dear parents, who looked exactly like they did in the fifties:
I don't know if dad is forever young, because he was on the dance floor all night. Note that he is wearing his tee shirt reversed. He says it was very modern to do so in the fifties. And the cigaret pack is in his rolled sleeve like it was back then. Mum's dresses were always nipped in with a broad belt in the fities, and she often tells about a red one, which fit around dad's head, so he knew her belt size.

Dolores del Rio and Blues Brothers, in the shape of our very good friends:

My lovely girl friend had bought authentic fifties clothes and looked fabulous:

My cute niece had borrowed a dress and a belt from me and also looked fantastic:
Her boyfriend was in a tailor made suit from Thailand. We have such nice youngsters in the family.

Three of my colleagues, who matched without even having planned to:
I love the "bell dress" with the red dots, as Hanne named it.

Another colleague who looked amazing:

Brotherly love - my brother and I:
I wore my fabulous family jewellery - a parure of garnets.

My brother's gift to me was to play vinyl records all night, so we only listened to vintage vinyl:
I had bought a few old vinyl records in a charity shop to decorate with.

And I got an overwhelming lot of gifts, some even wrapped in fifties style:

I got so many I could neither embrace it nor conceive it, but I will show some of the special ones here:
A vintage purse looking like a folded magazine, supposedly from the late sixties, which my parents had found at the Isle of Moen. I have wanted one for many years, but always thought they were too expensive on the internet, so it was a lovely surprise.

Two lovely vintage pins from one of my dear colleagues, whose granny had had a dress shop in the forties and fifties:
They are New Old Stock and one of them still have the price tag: about 3 dollars, which my dad says equals to a weeks wage in the forties. I truly love them.

And an absolutely fantastic gift from DH:
The king of record players - a Rega RP3. I have wanted the RP1 for many years, and then he surprised me with the RP3, because as he said: "you play records every day". Thank you, darling. :) The very first record I played was Elvis Presley's Moody Blue, which has a fantastic sound.

But how did my nails look, you ask:
They were quite simple. I didn't want just red nails as in the fifties, but found this white gold polish that matched my dress very well: Essie Beyond Cozy. At my ring finger I've made a Danish flag with tape, the white polish is from Depend and the glittering red one is my favourite red: Color Clubs Ruby Slippers.

It was a lovely party, where I had set the flux capacitor to 1956, so we could party in the style I've always loved.

Thank you to all my great guests for a fantastic evening, and special thanks to to sister, who has taken all the photos. :)

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  1. It's awesome that you're fifty! That's not old at all, especially not in this day and age. I think some of the very best years of your life are still ahead of you, my dear friend. Love this delightful birthday bash and what you wore for it (tres chic!). It's always a great treat to see a photo of you sporting vintage garb here on your blog (MM is great of course, but I'm not friends with her, whereas I am with you).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, thank you. I hope to be "fifty and fabulous" like Samantha in SATC. ;)

  2. I read your birthday post last Thursday but I guess I forgot to hit enter when I commented. Just reading it again before tomorrow's post appears and alas, there is no comment from me. (must remember to hit ENTER!) Looks like a faboo party and everyone looks charming, epecially YOU, my friend, who never looks a day older, only younger and more lovely. All your guests looklike people I would love to meet and your details on the party were most enjoyed! I have cruise pix and Xmas pix to share.... must remember how to post them on FLICKR and will email soon. xox, Flaurella ~

    1. Ahh, thank you, dear. I can see I look older, but I think I'm OK. ;) I will be looking forward to your cruise pix, I have dreamed about a cruise vacation for very long. hugs from Sanne

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