torsdag den 30. januar 2014

Nail Night 4.0

A few weeks ago I hosted a nail night for my colleagues, and it was a success again. We started chatting, then our dinner arrived, and after that it was time for doing nails. I am so lucky to have a Partner in Crime now, aka Hanne, who is my best apprentice till now (the citations because she is much better than me now), which meant we could share our colleagues between us. Hanne also have a different style than me and is really talented at other techniques than me, which means we could offer many more styles to choose from. Here she works very concentrated on a colleague's hand:

She made a beautiful purple gradient:

Cheers! :)
When making gradients, you have to clean-up afterwards.

She also made a lovely tape manicure in black and purple:
It was funny how we ended in a purple theme without having planned to.

This is what the table looked like:
There were test boards, rhinestones, stamping plates and tools all over. But we also found space for tea, sodas, candy and oranges.

Here is Hanne's tape mani in black and purple:

And here is Hanne's other job, the black and purple gradient:

I stamped, here in pink, with lots of rhinestones:
And my other stamped mani with clear rhinestones:

I ended painting Hanne's own nails with a magnetical polish from Barry M that I gave her as a gift the same evening:
It is truly lovely, but it is not easy to photograph when it is ALWAYS DARK! :(

Thank you to all my dear colleagues for a nice evening, and yes, I think we'll do it again. :)

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  1. Beautiful nails! I really like the gradient manicure. I'm feeling nail polish and nail art in a stronger way this year than I have for ages. I've always loved it of course, but I'm really feeling "into it" this year. I just sorted my (admittedly not very big) polish collection this past weekend and tossed out those that were either as good as empty or so old they'd separated and no amount of shaking could bring them back to life again. Doing so left lots of colour gaps (outside of the usual reds, pinks and burgundies, which I always have on hand), so I'll certainly be buying more polishes throughout this year.

    Big hugs from snowy Penticton (we had a bit of a snowstorm here yesterday), dear Sanne!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It is a great excuse to buy new ones! I'd love to hear about it. If your polishes have gotten thicker, I recommend OPI's Thinner. It bringes even my oldest polishes to life Again. :)

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome evening, I'm glad! And the nails are just fabulous, you both are so talented! xxx Annie

    1. Thank you, Annie. It is a very cosy excuse to get together. :)

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