mandag den 20. januar 2014

Monroe Monday

Marilyn Monroe

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  1. Yum! Now I'm going to be craving cotton candy/fairy floss all evening! :) We have this running joke that whenever the fair (the number one source of cotton candy) comes to town, I miss it. For the last several times, I've either been in the hospital, not feeling well enough, out of town or otherwise unavailable and have missed it. This might not matter too much if I didn't love the fair, but I really, really do so I'm hoping to break the "curse" again at long last in 2014. :)

    Tons of hugs & thanks for all of your wonderful blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I appreciate the tip about washing the shawl to help with the shedding. Thank you!

    1. I cross my fingers that 2014 will be the year you break the curse! :)


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