torsdag den 22. september 2011

Chevrolet Bel Air Nails

Son came up with this nail design! Yes, it’s true, and he also gave me the polishes from Depend. He gave me four different shades, all very nice and different colours, and then he said I should make Chevrolet Bel Air nails. I love vintage cars, as you might have found out, so I knew what he meant. I made a French manicure with the turquoise green all over the nail and the white on the tips. At my ring finger I put a green rhinestone, but it didn’t look green on the turquoise polish, but still it reminds me of the chrome on the car:

I have never been very fond of American cars. I think they are too big and the design is almost vulgar, but I can see why so many are fans of them. Here are some photos of the Bel Air so you can see the inspiration for the nails:

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