torsdag den 8. september 2011

New Nail Terms

I follow the ”Nail Nymphs’” (Danish) blog, and have done so almost from the beginning. They are the best, very inspirational and I often learn something new. A couple of years ago, or perhaps just one year ago, I didn’t know the following terms:

It is a homemade polish, you have mixed yourself. You can do it from scratch - start with a clear polish and add some colour or you can mix it from different polishes you have in stock. I’ve done so since my teenage years without knowing it had a name. If I buy a polish that does not look as expected on the nails, I always mix in something else, until it looks like I want it to. A dull polish which is not used, might get some addition and perhaps a little glitter, then the investment is not wasted. I suppose the name is inspired by Frankenstien, who was homemade too. ;)

Is stamping, which I have previously written about here. It is fantastic – quick and super-easy, and it looks fabulous. I’m addicted, it has become a new hobby and many at my work have to check my nails every Monday – it is quite binding.

Is using one colour scheme for all five nails, but graduated from dark to light. You can see an example here. I think it is really nice and will try it some day with pink tones, since I have so many of them.

Are different colours on all five nails, preferably bold tones. I will translate it to M&M’s, since I know them better (= colourful chocolates). I tried this with my colourful Color Club polishes, but it was not my taste.

I think it looks great on others, but I felt just a little bit too old when I tried it on my own nails, ahem. See an example here.

And there is also: Shellac (polish that lasts for two weeks), Minx (foil), crack polish (polish that … cracks), and labels to make patterns, see and example here. Labels will definitely soon find their way into my collection, sounds like a really good idea.

I have always thought that I was quite modern and had a great collection of different colours, but it is nice to know that there still is room for new trends.

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