torsdag den 15. september 2011

Vintage Etsy Shopping

Do you know Etsy? It is a website where private persons sell their homemade and vintage things. There are homemade things in every category you can think of, I am much in love with this sleeve for my e-book reader:

Well, I have been shopping a bit lately, and fell in love with this lovely Summer purse from the fifties:
Nice and small and with a lovely lucite handle. It will be my favourite next Summer – if we get any Summer next year, ahem!

This little sewing kit was too lovely to let go:
So nice, and see how it folds and contains everything you need. It will stay in my suitcase.

I had to own this lovely little compact album:
I already look forward to finding photos for it.

And I found some “new” Autumn earrings:
The Autumn leaves are so lovely and the pumpkins are for once not too Halloweeny.

But I had to buy a single Halloween pin:
It is very lovely and does not look like anything else in my Halloween jool collection.

So if you want something different or need a nice little homemade gift you cannot just buy in an ordinary shop, then try Etsy. I have only met super friendly sellers

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