torsdag den 29. september 2011

My Most Expensive Book

I have bought my most expensive book ever! I love books, and I also love jewellery and glamorous stars from the fifties. So I have for very long wanted Elizabeth Taylor’s book ”My Love Affair with Jewelry”.
She had an incredible collection of jewellery, and was a great lover of diamonds. She was married to Richard Burton twice and he gave her, a.o., a huge diamond of 69.42 carats, which he bought for 1.1 million dollars! Oh boy, what a gift! Well, back to the book. It is large, well-written, beautiful – and EXPENSIVE! And it did not get cheaper after her death in March this year. I have wanted it for a couple of years, but thought 130 dollars was too expensive. When the lady died I thought 130 dollars was cheap, ahem. And getting caught in customs and having to pay additional 90 dollars in total for tax, VAT and customs fee didn’t make it cheaper. But now it’s mine and I will enjoy it many years ahead.

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