torsdag den 1. september 2011

Son’s Tattoo

As all other youngsters son wanted a tattoo. His uncle, my brother, has been a tattooist, and as a little boy he has many times seen uncle “sew on” a tattoo (he used a needle). Back then he had those to transfer. He has always said that when he became a big boy uncle should sew one on him. As a little boy uncle often sketched a tattoo on him with his tattoo pen, it could last for days.

At the beginning of the Summer it was time. I did not say no, because I knew he would then have it made somewhere else and choose a silly motif he would regret the rest of his life. So I thought it was better talking about it and telling him to really should think about it. He did, and ended up with a design made of his initials: TGI. “I will always have my name.”, he said. He designed it himself, and I think it is really great:

Here are some photos from the day:
The motif is discussed.

The outlines are finished, son is proud.

The needle is in the skin.

It burned a bit, uncle is having fun.

Brother and I had several days before made him very nervous, you simply have to make fun of those bold teenagers. He was very surprised how little it did hurt, and brother said that son was one of the few men who did not whine at all.

So it was son’s first (and hopefully only) and brother’s last tattoo.

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  1. Good idea, he will always have those same initials.

  2. Yes, I agree - and I think his design is great too. It reminds me of the King Arthur legend.

  3. I was just thinking the other day how the 'local flavor' of places is disappearing. Here in America, we once had very distinct traditions and atitudes that were cohesive in areas yet differed greatly state to state or region to region. For example, in my own New England, a very distinct childhood than say someone in California.
    This also was true country to country.
    Today, seeing your darling son, it made me realize other than his accent, he looks very much like any youth I should see here at the local mall, or were I to travel to NYC there as well and even to many other countries.
    I blame our own USA media as to this 'washing down' of culture. Today it is the culture of digital. That is to say, what is on tv/computer/youtube/video etc is set by those put into high position by the corporation, a style is set and then mass produced for consumption.
    Now, I am not saying anything against your son, he is quite handsome and certainly fits right in. It just struck me how, here is a young man in Denmark and he could very easily be at my local stores, no difference at all. Is that good? I don't know maybe it isn't good or bad, but it does make one think.
    I do like the design better than those horrible 'Tribal' arm bands that so many have that are meant to be 'individual' or 'against the norm' when actually it makes them look like everyone else, but they can't take it off when the fashion fades.
    Congratulations on a well thought and talented son, and on being a mother in general. In today's world, that alone deserves an award!

  4. -> Donna, thank you for your long comment and your compliments on son and motherhood. :)

    I'm surprised you say son looks like an ordinary US boy. Everybody here in DK says he looks like a British Public School boy. The clothes he is wearing in these photos are very casual, and because he is going to be tattoed he is only wearing an undershirt. Normally, he wears nice jeans/chinos, shirt (which I have ironed, ahem), cardigan or pullover and very often af tie. He loves Converse and has them in every colour from dark red to grey and several blue tones. He does not look like most other Danish boys and loves to be well dressed.

    His short hair is quite new, he started wearing it this short this Spring, because it is easier when wearing a safety helmet driving his moped. Now he loves it.

    And yes, I like the tattoe too, it is well designed and a great idea and becomes him good. I hope he will not get a lot more.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. :)


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