torsdag den 1. januar 2015

Christmas Nails

Oops, I had a little Christmas vacation from the blog, but I doubt anybody noticed. I've been thinking about my blog lately. I don't get many new readers neither comments. I don't know if I write too different topics, too boring, too predictable, or if you don't want to see my nails or my scannings of vintage ALT for Damerne. I love Instagram, it is quick and easy to update and follow, and I've got a lot followers. But until now I've decided to keep my blog, so here are my Christmas nails for December:

But let's start with my Marilyn Monroe nails, stamped with my new MoYou plates:
Sannes nails
The nude polish is from Oriflame. I've added a little gold glitter, because nude is too boring for me.

My birthday nails, stamped with Bundle Monster Holiday Collection upon Ciaté Spending Spree, my favourite duochrome polish:
Sannes nails

My first Christmas nails:
Sannes nails
A gradient with red and green glitter upon Sally Hansen's Bleech Babe.

Here I have stamped holly leaves upon a cheap gold polish from the super market and added small red rhinestones as berries:
Sannes nails
I really loved this manicure and got over 20 likes at Instagram, which has never happened before.

Stribed glitter gift wrapping paper:
Sannes nails
All three polishes are from ColorClub, my favourite polish brand.

And the last Christmas manicure, Rudolph stamped with Bundle Monster Holiday Collection upon a cheap gold polish from the super market and red rhinestones as his nose:
Sannes nails
The red polish is ColorClub's Ruby Slippers, my favourite red polish.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I did. Santa came and although my sister's twins now are nine years old, they still look perplexed at him:
Sannes blog

And he had a present for ME!:
Estee Lauder

I was SO surprised and HAPPY! I got this completely luxurious beauty box from Estee Lauder full of lovely makeup. I must have been very nice this year.

I wish you all a happy New Year and thank you for still reading my humble blog. :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sweet Sanne, all of these manis are completely awesome!!! I especially like the MM, holly, and sparkly ones. It's awesome that you got in so many different sets of festive nails this holiday season. Are you already planning your Valentine's Day ones?

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jess. I adore Christmas, so I don't miss a change to make Christmas nails. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in Denmark, but I often do heart inspired nails, just because they are cute. :)


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