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Sorting, Part 2: The Makeup

This is part two of my clearance project, see part one about my wardrobe last Thursday.

I love red lipsticks, or should I just say lipsticks, and glosses in general, and my collection is very big. It became even bigger when Santa gave me this fabulous Estee Lauder beauty box:

Estee Lauder

So I want to test and sort out, because I can hardly find space for it all in my vanity drawers. But there is also another good reason to clear some of my collection. I have become older, sigh, and then it is good to change your makeup. A few months ago I attended a birthday party and met a woman I have known for long. She is in her late forties and a good example of how it does not become you when you use the same makeup you have used since you were young. You should fade your makeup when you get older. Softer colours look better when you are not in your teens anymore. Metallic eye shadows enhance wrinkles, and who wants that? I love red lipstick and use it very often, especially during winter, but I also have a lot of other nice colours, which I want to use for a change.

Here is an example of a purple lipstick, which I have changed to a dusty plum colour (number two from left), which becomes purple clothes perfectly without being eighties purple. And a red lipstick I loved in the late eighties and the nineties (number three from left), where the last colour is my favourite now, a much softer colour:

I don’t think any of these colours are still for sale. And I also want to add that I still might use the bright red now and then, but then the rest of my makeup is very toned down?

If you don’t want to part with your favourite lipsticks, then you can use a lighter shade in the same shade on top of it. Marilyn was known for using up to six different lipstick colours, then we can too. But I think I will sort out the shades I never use. If you know a teenage or little girl, they will love to play with them. But do ask their mother first, so neither you nor the girl gets into trouble.

During winter I love using a grey/black eye shadow, but I mix them with a pale eye shadow. This is easiest to do with an eye shadow brush, but you can do it with the foam-thingy too. Buy a matte pale beige eye shadow, most brands have mono-eye shadows, and use it for mixing. This way you still have your favourite shadows, but in a softer more age-friendly shade. My black eye shadow is only used as a long, slim, triangle, like winged eyeliner. During summer I always use a very pale eye shadow that matches my clothes, and a thin fifties style eyeliner. I am lucky not to have many wrinkles, so I will continue doing so.

Do change your blusher to a softer natural colour. I was young and smart in the early eighties, so I have had bright indian war paint on my checks and used up several neon pink lipsticks. Back then I also had mascara in all colours, and I really mean all, also neon green and pink. Now I only have black, which I only apply in a thin layer.

I hope you can use some of my advice and want to change and clear some of your makeup too, if you, like me, not are in your teens anymore.

It is good to look at your style with new eyes.

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  1. Gorgeous shades!!! I adore Estee Lauder's makeup offerings. The only fuschia lipstick I've ever had not look comically bad on me hailed from them. Alas, they discontinued it years ago (I can't even remember the name any more) and I haven't found a good fuschia for my colouring since (reds and dusty rose pinks are far kinder to me there).

    I din't know that MM sometimes used such a vast number of lippies at once. That's really cool.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. There were two pink lipsticks in the beauty box, and one of them was quite fuchsia. Do check out Candy and Bois de Rose, perhaps they suit you, dear. :)


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