torsdag den 8. januar 2015

Dream Birthday

I had the most wonderful birthday a woman can dream of. My birthday was on a Wednesday, my weekly day off, and I just thought I should have a cozy time alone, pick up my new glasses and go out to dinner with DH and son in the evening and there after see a movie with them. No, that was not what happened. On my birthday breakfast table was a gift card to a shopping tour at my favourite vintage repro shops in Copenhagen, and DH had taken the day off to be together with me. I became SO surprised and happy! At first I thought we should go to our neighbouring city, Lyngby, but then he pointed out the pictures he had glued to the card, and such dresses are not found in Lyngby, unfortunately.

We started picking up my glasses and then we drove to Mondo Kaos, where I found two dresses. We drank a cafe latte nearby, and then we drove to Copenhagen where my other favourite shop, Rock'a'Hula, is. Here I also found two nice dresses.

Here they are, all four hanging in a row:
Sannes repro kjoler

Collectif Noelle Dress, perfect Christmas dress in red and green plaids:
Collectif Noelle Dress
I will use it all winter.

And this is how I look wearing it:
Collectif Noelle Dress
I have added a dark green cardigan and a vintage garnet necklace.

20th Century Foxy dress, which I cannot find online, so you have do make do with me:
20th Century Foxy dress

Hell Bunny Raspberry Polka Dot Dress, lovely dark red colour:
Hell Bunny Raspberry Polka Dot Dress

And this is me wearing it:
Hell Bunny Raspberry Polka Dot Dress

Right before my birthday I bought this on Daisy Dapper at half price:
Daisy Dapper Elvy Dress

It is named Elvy Dress, and this is me wearing it:
Daisy Dapper Elvy Dress

I also found this, which I fell completely in love with two years ago, but alas, it was too big. I searched high and low on the internet, but never found it in my size, and guess what? I found it at Rock'a'Hula in my size. I was SO happy and DH suggested giving it to me as a Christmas gift:
Collectif Tartan Dress

It is from Collectif and named Tartan.

So now I don't need any new dresses for a long time. A thousand thanks to DH for a wonderful birthday, with lots of dresses, latte, lunch and shopping to Copenhagen - it cannot get any better.

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  1. Flaurella writes.... Lovely dresses, all of them!

    1. Thank you, dear. I know I willd wear and love them for many years, so they are a good Investment. :)

  2. Super lovely new frocks, dear Sanne - you look gorgeous in all of the ones you shared photos of yourself in here. I'm especially smitten with the tartan/plaid ones. How awesome that at long, long last you were able to find that dress in your size.

    I really like starting off a new year with new dresses and/or other garments like that. I spend all of my Christmas money this year on clothes (as I usually do - it's almost always going to be clothes and/or books when I get money as a gift) and picked up two crinolines, four dresses (all from Lindy Bop - they were my main Xmas gift from Tony), two cardigans, a skirt, and three belts. I'm a happy camper indeed and love that I'll have plenty of new threads to share on my blog this year.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ha, again we are alike. I also always buys dresses or books when I get birthday money, it is something I both love and will treasure for long. What a lot of new clothes you got! In Denmark repro clothes is quite expensive, so I cannot buy that much. The four dresses were really a splurge this year. Wishing you a nice weekend. :)


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