torsdag den 15. januar 2015

Sorting, Part 1: The Wardrobe

I have started a new project this year. I will sort my wardrobe, my makeup and my nail polish collection, to find out what becomes me and what doesn’t. I do sort out things from my wardrobe regularly, but now I want to try on all items that are not used very often (and ditto for makeup and polishes), to find out why I rarely use it. Perhaps it is the fit, the colour, the length, the neckline? This way I will either find new favourites or sort out to charity. Everything vintage will be put for sale in my Etsy shop.

It all started New Year’s day, where I had to figure out what to wear on New Year’s eve. I went to the basement, where my party dresses are (I don’t want to go through sequin dresses daily), and found a lot of dresses try. I quickly sorted out a dress that was too short. When I was finished and would hang it all back in the closet, I started going through what was left and quickly sorted out 6-7 things. It was quite fun so I ended in another closet and suddenly I had a huge Ikea bag full of clothes:
Sannes blog

It felt really good. I also found this pastel yellow fifties style summer dress, which I had missed, but was sure I had donated to charity long time ago:

So I will plan what to wear in the evening, and not just reach for the usual choices. This way I will make new “sets” that can renew my daily wardrobe.

Next week I will write about makeup, so I hope to see you back next Thursday.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Planning out your ensembles in advance is a lot of fun. I find it gives you time to really create a head-turning look, because you can deliberate over various details more than hurriedly getting dressed in five or ten minutes in the morning. The yellow sundress that you rediscovered is beautiful! Do you like the colour aqua? I could see that gentle shade of buttery yellow looking so nice with aqua.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I love aqua, so thank you for the colour tip. I wouldn't have thought of that. In my mornings I am very sleepy so everything is done zombie-style, so it will help a lot to plan my outfits in the evenings. I am sure much more variation will take place from now on. :)


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