torsdag den 29. januar 2015

Handmade on Etsy

I have for long thought about opening a ”handmade” section in my Etsy shop, but I didn't know what to sell and I didn't know if it would be funny to make, when somebody ordered it. But now I’ve done so, and at the moment I offer bookmarks, small crocheted things, and bead jewelry, which I customize from my customer’s wish.

I have taken photos of all my beads, so my customers can decide which colours they want:

I offer this lovely Russian flower bracelet:

And I also offer making a set with a matching necklace:

I make this nice twisted necklace:

And I make this almost royal necklace with crystals:

You can choose from these crystal beads:

I also crochet, and have made the pattern for this snowflake myself. You can use it as a coaster or under your tea mug:

I make them snow white (!) and white with silver thread, but I don’t have much left of the silver thread, so buy them while you can. I sell them in sets of four, either four white or two white and two with silver thread.

I also sell my nice crocheted acorns:

You can buy one of your choice or buy a set of all three. I make them in beige, green and gold.
I love acorns and think they are perfect for autumn or Christmas decoration, but you can use them all year round if you like. They will also look nice as a decoration on a present.

And I make customized bookmarks:

Where my customers can choose background colour and what they want me to write with my over hundred years old typewriter:

I hope you will take a look at my new shop section, and if you have any wishes, do let me know, then perhaps I might be able to make it.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Your handmade offerings are so lovely, dear Sanne. Great variety, prices and creative ideas. The fact that you write out the bookmark messages on a century old typewriter just makes them all the more awesome and is a touch that I'm sure most vintage fans will really appreciate.

    Big hugs & tons of happy February wishes.
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, dear. I don't know if it sells, but now I'll try it out. I also think the bookmarks are charming and a very inexpensive gift. :)


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